iCoin Pro Compensation Plan Review

On 26th June 2017 my friend Edward uploaded a new video on youtube about a new cryptocurrency training program called iCoin Pro. Although he seemed pretty excited, I was not.

At that time I was not very keen to promote any new programs as I had my hands full, but since he insisted, I decided to take a look at the program.

Since there are a lot of scams out there I am always extra careful before I join and promote any program. After all it is my reputation.

So I did a little research I found out that a lot of big name marketers are already in this program and most of them seem to know the CEO of iCoinPro, Paul De Sousa.

Ultimately I decided to join iCoin Pro after I found out that the training they provide is actually very good and that they actually have a separate module for training on cryptocurrency trading called Micro Profit System.

You Can Watch The Video Below Why I Decided To Join iCoin Pro.

iCoin Pro Compensation Plan Review:

The compensation plan is very powerful and you can get paid 5 different ways.

A. Powerline Bonus:

Paid monthly @ 3% for first 5 paid members who joins immediately after you whether they are in your matrix or not. That comes out to be around $6 per month.

B. Fast Start Bonus:

Paid weekly every Wednesday. This can between from $10 to $25 and is paid up to 5 levels depending upon your rank. See image below.

C. Residual Income:

Paid monthly @ 2.5% per member in your matrix regardless whether you brought them personally or received spillovers. That comes around $1 per person and is paid up to 14 levels deep depending upon your rank.

Note: This compensation plan actually helps those who are not very good at referring people or those who are just in for the cryptocurrency training. If you up line and team is good at sponsoring people you could be sitting and earning $2046 per month doing nothing. See image below.

D. Matching Bonus:

Payable monthly for members you enroll. This compensation plan is paid up to 6 levels according to your ranks and benefits members who are very active and are able to bring in a lot of people.

Let us say you enroll 5 people who are earning $1000 per month and they enroll 25 people who are earning $500 per month. Those 25 people bring in 100 people who are earning $100 per month. See image below. If you are 3 Star ranked you could be earning an extra $ 4250 per month [40 % of (5 x $1000) + 10 % of (25 x $500) + 10% of (25 x 100)]. See image below.

E. Coded Infinity Fast Start Overrides:

Payable weekly for members who are Star Elite on initial orders of new members in your en-roller tree. See image below:

Coded Infinity Fast Start

Membership Plan: How Much To Join?

  • Option 1: $40 one time registration + $39.95 monthly (i.e., $79.95 for 1st Month and $39.95 per month from then onward).
  • Option 2: $229.95 for 6 months. Automatic 2 Star Qualification for 6 months without introducing a single member.
  • Option 3: $449.95 for 12 months. Automatic 3 Star Qualification for 12 months without introducing a single member.

Payment Option: Mode Of Payment To Members.

  • Members in US – Direct Deposits,
  • Outside US – Via Bitcoin Wallet

Verdict: Whether To Join iCoin Pro Or Not?

iCoin Pro is a cryptocurrency training platform that is run by its CEO Paul De Sousa. It is also an MLM Income Opportunity for individuals who can bring in people under them. The Company is legitimate and the compensation plan is powerful, especially for people who are very active.

I personally love this platform as I have a great interest in cryptocurrency trading. iCoin Pro’s Micro Profit System is awesome.

Sudipto Samanta
Independent Marketer